Puffy Cross Hanger

Puffy Cross Hanger

This is a favorite when it comes to cross crafts. Kids love scrunching the tissue paper and the end result is a colorful work of art.


  • Hanger: download (below) and print the template onto white card stock paper, cut in half, write the Bible/lesson point on top and punch holes about 1 inch from both top corners
  • Puffy decor: 20-25 tissue paper squares (2″ x 2″) of varying colors
  • Hanger loop: pipe cleaner


  • Glue


  • Place glue on a small section of the cross then one by one, scrunch tissue paper squares and place them onto the glued section – I worked about 4 squares at a time
  • Continue until the entire cross is decorated with tissue paper
  • Attach the pipe cleaner to the holes at the top of the craft to create a loop for hanging


Puffy Cross Template

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