Noah’s Ark Craft

Noah's Ark Craft on White PaperBible passage: Genesis 6:5-9:17

This Noah’s Ark craft for preschoolers and early elementary children is like a mini puzzle where kids glue pieces of Noah’s ark to a printed page. Noah had to follow God’s instructions to construct the ark. The children will have to follow your instruction to “construct” their ark. In order for the Noah’s Ark craft to look right, the shapes must be placed in the correct order – the middle section must be glued first. Hopefully they will have fun building the ark. It’s a great lesson on how important it is for all of us to follow God’s direction!


  • Print Noah’s ark page (below) on blue or white paper
  • Cut the rectangle out of yellow, tan or light brown construction paper
  • Cut the triangle out of brown construction paper
  • Cut the semi-circle out of brown construction paper
  • 4 yellow 5/8” dot stickers or cut 4 rectangles (1″ x 1/2″) out of yellow construction paper
  • Write the Bible/lesson point on the upper portion of Noah’s ark page or print/write onto a strip of paper

Noah's Ark Craft on Blue Paper


  • Glue


  • DO THIS FIRST: Glue the rectangle shape onto the printed sheet in the designated area
  • Glue the triangle and half circle to the corresponding areas
  • Place the yellow dot stickers (or small rectangles) to the half circle to represent windows
  • If desired, glue the Bible/lesson point onto the craft


Print making sure the image takes up the entire sheet and doesn't get scaled. Here are some properties you may see in the print dialog:

  • DO NOT "Fit to page" or "Shrink to fit"
  • Select "Fill Page", "Actual Size", or make sure Scale is set to 100%
  • "Borderless Printing" should be ON, or make sure there are no margins set
  • Select "Auto Portrait/Landscape" or make sure the image is not sideways on the page

Noah's Ark Craft Background Page

Noah’s Ark Templates

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